Malware, whether you are a mac or a PC will affect your machine in the same way. A key thing to remember about malware is that it is different from other types of viruses. Other varieties of malicious software try to gain entry to your computer without you knowing, malware however is malicious software disguised as genuine software. You have seen it a million times before, you may have received an email that asks you to download a file discussing itself as a legitimate piece of software, or you may have clicked on an add on a website that starts a download on your machine. If you are to go that extra step and install said software that’s when the mac malware starts to gather information about the mac user and can access your most personal information.


If you have been unlucky enough to download malware on to your mac it’s not the end of the road as there are plenty of ways to rid your mac of this unwanted software. There are plenty of mac anti malware software providers on the market that can help you scan your mac, detect malware that you may have been infected with and give you the option to destroy the malicious software.


Remember to be careful when choosing your mac anti-malware provider as some less legitimate companies can infect your machine with the very thing you are trying to get rid of. Choose wisely by doing your research and looking at reviews by people who have used the product. Steps should also be taken to prevent adware infecting your mac before it’s had a chance, so be sure to download anti-malware software even if you have a brand new mac. Stop the malware before it stops you.