We’ve all been there, you have downloaded something displayed on an ad on a website or you may have received an email asking you to download this ‘amazing piece of free software’. Then all of a sudden your mac starts to slow down or behave in an unusual way, well it’s likely that you have unwillingly downloaded some sort of malware.

Well if you are one of these unlucky mac or if you just want to prevent this happening here are some simple steps to follow to help keep you safe from malware.

1 – Install anti-malware software

It may seem obvious but the first thing you should do is install some good quality anti-malware software for mac, this will either run a scan to see if you have been infected then go and fix the issue or if you are confident you are malware free this software will keep you protected from future attacks.


2 - Keep you software up to date

Now you have the software installed be sure to keep it up to date, most decent anti-malware providers should constantly update their software to keep on top of new types of malware to help keep you one step ahead of the enemy.


3 – Secure your network

Another one that may seem simple and obvious but you may not be abiding by. Securing your wifi by using passwords is a becoming more and more important as WEP is not as safe as it once was and as the internet gets more complex hackers are finding new ways of hacking networks that we used to deem safe.


4 -  Run regular system scans with your anti-malware software

Although you may have already scanned your mac and removed any unwanted malware you need to keep ahead of the game and continue to scan your mac for any malware that may have been unwillingly downloaded.


5 – Keep your OS up to date

Make sure you keep your mac OS up to date as your anti-malware software is only as good as the OS it is running on. Operating system updates are released regularly to help continually keep your mac secure so make sure you are downloading and installing the official updates as regularly as possible.