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AVG have been in the virus protection game since 1991. So it is fair to say they know what they are doing. Throughout the years AVG has accumulated millions upon millions of loyal users to their huge range of products. AVG is more than just virus protection. The Czech company has software available to clean and speed up your computer. As well as VPN software and software to improve your devices drivers, improving performance and usability. Since AVG have so much experience and awards under their belt, you know they are going to make some absolutely killer software. But will it be the one you choose for your devices?


AVG comes in two types. AVG Antivirus and AVG Internet Security. The differences? Prices and features. AVG Antivirus costs £34.99 for a year and AVG Internet Security costs £46.99. Both versions also have free 30-day trials which you can use to check them both out and see what version you like best. AVG are also kind enough to provide a 30-day guarantee so you can a full refund on either product if you are unsatisfied in any way after 30 days of purchase. This is a bit more costly than other antivirus software out there. But worth it. AVG is incredibly reliable, offers some great support, and has some incredible features.

Reliability and SecurityReliability and Security

AVG has held so many awards such as the Virus Bulletin 100 for years, it is safe to assume that AVG antivirus is a pretty solid piece of software. AVG software is renowned for it’s unbeatable ease of use. Looking through reviews of the software, even the ones dating back a few years will back this up. Great ease of use means that users have access to higher levels of protection, through configuring the antivirus software to what suits them best. This is such an important factor to improving security. It is also what will keep customers come back for more.

Support and Customer ServiceSupport and Customer Service

AVG excels when it comes to support. They offer a 24/7 phone support line to help with ANY tech device. This included your phone, printer, monitor, xbox, webcam, anything! A support line like this is just unheard of in the antivirus industry, let alone the tech industry. Focussing specifically on antivirus, you will find an abundance of step-by-step how to guides on across every single product AVG offers. Not good enough? AVG also reach out to customers through Twitter and Facebook. Not good enough? You will find so many forums across the web too, able to answer any query you have.


AVG has all the features you could possibly need from antivirus software. Features in the entry level AVG Antivirus include Email protection to keep your emails safe, link protection to scan links to social media, online shields to guard you from unsafe downloads, and anti-ransomware to prevent your own documents from being held hostage. The AVG Internet Security includes all the features of the antivirus, as well as anti-spam and online shopping protection too. AVG has it all, even mobile protection! So AVG do really have you back across all your devices. What more could you possibly wish for?