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Total AV
  • Removes All Viruses, Trojans & Malware
  • Great Customer Service
  • Built-in Internet Security
  • Award-Winning Antivirus Protection
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  • Fantastic price for feature rich product
  • Countless amount of bonus features
  • Reliable, fast and secure protection
  • Scan & Remove Malware, Adware & Spyware
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Excellent 9.7

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  • 3 Feature packed plans to choose from
  • 30 day free trial option available
  • 24 hour, 7 days a week support
  • Compatible with Mac, PC and Mobile
Bitdefender Review

Excellent 9.0

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  • Slightly let down by average customer service
  • Offer 4 different levels of antivirus protection
  • Large number of powerful features included
  • One of most popular AVs on the internet
Norton Review

Good 8.9

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  • Solid and feature rich packages on offer
  • Reputation comes with a big price tag
  • Sold millions of licences worldwide
  • One of the most well know AV brands
McAfee Review

Good 8.8

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  • 24/7 Phone support available
  • Comprehensive feature set on offer
  • Offer free version of their software
  • Over 20 years experience in the field
Avast Review

Good 8.7

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  • Impressive 60 day free trial available
  • Comprehensive multi language support
  • Pricey plans lack quality features
  • Over 16 years worth of experience
Bullguard Review

Good 8.6

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  • Comprehensive 24 hour support
  • Multi award winning web security brand
  • Extensive feature set includes PC speed up
  • Over 25 years experience in the AV business
AVG Review

Good 8.5

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PC Protect
  • Great antivirus for all versions of Windows
  • Great price for product with so many features
  • Iron clad money back guarantee
  • Fantastic fast informative support
PC Protect Review

Average 8.2

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  • Adequate if not spectacular support
  • Limited due to specialising in malware
  • Extremely fast and simple to use
  • Limited by malware speciality
Malwarebytes Review

Average 7.7

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Tips on how to prevent malware from infecting your mac.

We’ve all been there, you have downloaded something displayed on an ad on a website or you may have received an email asking you to download this ‘amazing piece of free software’. Then all of a sudden your mac starts to slow down or behave in an unusual way, well it’s likely that you have unwillingly downloaded some sort of malware.

Well if you are one of these unlucky mac or if you just want to prevent this happening here are some simple steps to follow to help keep you safe from malware.

1 – Install anti-malware software

It may seem obvious but the first thing you

How to remove mac malware.

Malware, whether you are a mac or a PC will affect your machine in the same way. A key thing to remember about malware is that it is different from other types of viruses. Other varieties of malicious software try to gain entry to your computer without you knowing, malware however is malicious software disguised as genuine software. You have seen it a million times before, you may have received an email that asks you to download a file discussing itself as a legitimate piece of software, or you may have clicked on an add on a website that starts a download on your machine. If you are to go that extra step and install said software that&rsq